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Monir S; Osika EN; Gorman SK; Thorvaldson I; Hsueh Y-L; Macha P; Kranz L; Reiner J; Simmons MY; Rahman R, 2023, Impact of measurement backaction on nuclear spin qubits in silicon, ,

Munia MM; Monir S; Osika EN; Simmons MY; Rahman R, 2023, Superexchange coupling of donor qubits in silicon, ,

Donnelly MB; Keizer JG; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2022, 3-Dimensional Tuning of an Atomically Defined Silicon Tunnel Junction, ,

Sarkar A; Hochstetter J; Kha A; Hu X; Simmons MY; Rahman R; Culcer D, 2022, Optimisation of electrically-driven multi-donor quantum dot qubits, ,

Hogg MR; Pakkiam P; Gorman SK; Timofeev AV; Chung Y; Gulati GK; House MG; Simmons MY, 2022, Single-shot readout of multiple donor electron spins with a gate-based sensor, ,

Voisin B; Ng KSH; Salfi J; Usman M; Wong JC; Tankasala A; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Hutin L; Bertrand B; Vinet M; Valanoor N; Simmons MY; Rahman R; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2021, Valley population of donor states in highly strained silicon, ,

Voisin B; Bocquel J; Tankasala A; Usman M; Salfi J; Rahman R; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2021, Valley interference and spin exchange at the atomic scale in silicon, ,

Krauth FN; Gorman SK; He Y; Jones MT; Macha P; Kocsis S; Chua C; Voisin B; Rogge S; Rahman R; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2021, Flopping-mode electric dipole spin resonance in phosphorus donor qubits in silicon, ,

Keith D; Gorman SK; Kranz L; He Y; Keizer JG; Broome MA; Simmons MY, 2018, Benchmarking high fidelity single-shot readout of semiconductor qubits, ,

Kobayashi T; Salfi J; van der Heijden J; Chua C; House MG; Culcer D; Hutchison WD; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Riemann H; Abrosimov NV; Becker P; Pohl H-J; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2018, Engineering long spin coherence times of spin-orbit systems, ,

Pakkiam P; Timofeev AV; House MG; Hogg MR; Kobayashi T; Koch M; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2018, Single-shot single-gate RF spin readout in silicon, ,

Hile SJ; Fricke L; House MG; Peretz E; Chen CY; Wang Y; Broome M; Gorman SK; Keizer JG; Rahman R; Simmons MY, 2018, Addressable electron spin resonance using donors and donor molecules in silicon, ,

Broome MA; Watson TF; Keith D; Gorman SK; House MG; Keizer JG; Hile SJ; Baker W; Simmons MY, 2018, High Fidelity Single-Shot Singlet-Triplet Readout of Precision Placed Donors in Silicon, ,

Gorman SK; Broome MA; House MG; Hile SJ; Keizer JG; Keith D; Watson TF; Baker WJ; Simmons MY, 2018, Singlet-triplet minus mixing and relaxation lifetimes in a double donor dot, ,

Broome MA; Gorman SK; House MG; Hile SJ; Keizer JG; Keith D; Hill CD; Watson TF; Baker WJ; Hollenberg LCL; Simmons MY, 2018, Two-Electron Spin Correlations in Precision Placed Donors in Silicon, ,

Gorman SK; He Y; House MG; Keizer JG; Keith D; Fricke L; Hile SJ; Broome MA; Simmons MY, 2017, Tunneling statistics for analysis of spin-readout fidelity, ,

Salfi J; Voisin B; Tankasala A; Bocquel J; Usman M; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rahman R; Rogge S, 2017, Valley filtering and spatial maps of coupling between silicon donors and quantum dots, ,

Tankasala A; Salfi J; Bocquel J; Voisin B; Usman M; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S; Rahman R, 2017, Two-electron states of a group V donor in silicon from atomistic full configuration interaction, ,

van der Heijden J; Kobayashi T; House MG; Salfi J; Barraud S; Lavieville R; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2017, Spin-orbit dynamics of single acceptor atoms in silicon, ,

Tettamanzi GC; Hile SJ; House MG; Fuechsle M; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2017, Probing the Quantum States of a Single Atom Transistor at Microwave Frequencies, ,

Broome MA; Gorman SK; Keizer JG; Watson TF; Hile SJ; Baker WJ; Simmons MY, 2016, Mapping the Chemical Potential Landscape of a Triple Quantum Dot, ,

Wang Y; Chen C-Y; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rahman R, 2016, Characterizing Si:P quantum dot qubits with spin resonance techniques, ,

Gorman SK; Broome MA; Keizer JG; Watson TF; Hile SJ; Baker WJ; Simmons MY, 2016, Extracting inter-dot tunnel couplings between few donor quantum dots in silicon, ,

Li T; Yeoh LA; Srinivasan A; Klochan O; Ritchie DA; Simmons MY; Sushkov OP; Hamilton AR, 2016, Manifestation of a non-abelian gauge field in a p-type semiconductor system, ,

Kobayashi T; van der Heijden J; House MG; Hile SJ; Asshoff P; Gonzalez-Zalba MF; Vinet M; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2016, Resonant tunneling spectroscopy of valley eigenstates on a hybrid double quantum dot, ,

Usman M; Bocquel J; Salfi J; Voisin B; Tankasala A; Rahman R; Simmons MY; Rogge S; Hollenberg LLC, 2016, Spatial Metrology of Dopants in Silicon with Exact Lattice Site Precision, ,

Hile SJ; House MG; Peretz E; Verduijn J; Widmann D; Kobayashi T; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2015, Radio frequency reflectometry and charge sensing of a precision placed donor in silicon, ,

Wang YE; Tankasala A; Hollenberg LCL; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rahman R, 2015, Engineering inter-qubit exchange coupling between donor bound electrons in silicon, ,

Salfi J; Mol JA; Rahman R; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2015, Quantum Simulation of the Hubbard Model with Dopant Atoms in Silicon, ,

Usman M; Hill CD; Rahman R; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rogge S; Hollenberg LCL, 2015, Strain and Electric Field Control of Hyperfine Interactions for Donor Spin Qubits in Silicon, ,

Scappucci G; Klesse WM; Yeoh LA; Carter DJ; Warschkow O; Marks NA; Jaeger DL; Capellini G; Simmons MY; Hamilton AR, 2015, Bottom-up assembly of metallic germanium, ,

Mol JA; Salfi J; Rahman R; Hsueh Y; Miwa JA; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2015, Interface-induced heavy-hole/light-hole splitting of acceptors in silicon, ,

Hsueh Y-L; Büch H; Tan Y; Wang Y; Hollenberg LCL; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rahman R, 2015, Spin-lattice relaxation times of single donors and donor clusters in silicon, ,

Shamim S; Mahapatra S; Scappucci G; Klesse WM; Simmons MY; Ghosh A, 2014, Spontaneous breaking of time reversal symmetry in strongly interacting two dimensional electron layers in silicon and germanium, ,

House MG; Peretz E; Keizer JG; Hile SJ; Simmons MY, 2014, Single-charge detection by an atomic precision tunnel junction, ,

Salfi J; Mol JA; Rahman R; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2014, Spatially Resolving Valley Quantum Interference of a Donor in Silicon, ,

Mol JA; Salfi J; Miwa JA; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2013, Interplay between quantum confinement and dielectric mismatch for ultra-shallow dopants, ,

Miwa JA; Hofmann P; Simmons MY; Wells JW, 2012, Direct band structure measurement of a buried two-dimensional electron gas, ,

Zwanenburg FA; Dzurak AS; Morello A; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Klimeck G; Rogge S; Coppersmith SN; Eriksson MA, 2012, Silicon Quantum Electronics, ,

Shamim S; Mahapatra S; Polley C; Simmons MY; Ghosh A, 2012, Suppression of low-frequency noise in two-dimensional electron gas at degenerately doped Si:P \delta-layers, ,

Drumm DW; Hollenberg LCL; Simmons MY; Friesen M, 2012, Effective mass theory of monolayer \delta-doping in the high-density limit, ,

Scappucci G; Capellini G; Lee WCT; Simmons MY, 2009, Atomic-scale patterning of hydrogen terminated Ge(001) by scanning tunneling microscopy, ,

Scappucci G; Capellini G; Simmons MY, 2009, Influence of encapsulation temperature on Ge:P delta-doped layers, ,

Scappucci G; Capellini G; Lee WCT; Simmons MY, 2009, Ultra-dense phosphorus in germanium delta-doped layers, ,

Sfigakis F; Ford CJB; Pepper M; Ritchie DA; Farrer I; Simmons MY; Maude D, 2009, Kondo physics versus spin gap physics in fully spin-split quantum wires, ,

Taskinen LJ; Starrett RP; Martin TP; Micolich AP; Hamilton AR; Simmons MY; Ritchie DA; Pepper M, 2008, Radio-frequency reflectometry on large gated 2-dimensional systems, ,

Ho LH; Clarke WR; Micolich AP; Danneau R; Klochan O; Simmons MY; Hamilton AR; Pepper M; Ritchie DA, 2008, The effect of screening long-range Coulomb interactions on the metallic behavior in two-dimensional hole systems, ,

Graham AC; Sawkey DL; Pepper M; Simmons MY; Ritchie DA, 2007, Energy-level pinning and the 0.7 spin state in one dimension: GaAs quantum wires studied using finite-bias spectroscopy, ,

Bassett LC; Michael CP; Ford CJB; Kataoka M; Barnes CHW; Simmons MY; Ritchie DA, 2007, Geometric Suppression of Single-Particle Energy Spacings in Quantum Antidots, ,

Danneau R; Klochan O; Clarke WR; Ho LH; Micolich AP; Simmons MY; Hamilton AR; Pepper M; Ritchie DA, 2007, 0.7 Structure and Zero Bias Anomaly in Ballistic Hole Quantum Wires, ,

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