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Indraratna P; Biswas U; McVeigh J; Ziegl A; Mamo A; Magdy J; Vickers D; Watkins E; Briggs N; Cholerton N; Li J; Holgate K; Gallagher R; Ferry C; Jan S; Schreier G; Redmond S; Loh E; Yu J; Lovell N; Ooi S, 2021, 'TeleClinical Care: A Randomised Control Trial of a Smartphone-Based Model of Care for Patients with Heart Failure or Acute Coronary Syndrome',

Indraratna P; Tardo D; Yu J; Brodie M; Delbaere K; Lovell N; Ooi S, 2020, '769 Mobile Phone Interventions in Heart Failure – a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis',

Indraratna P; Biswas U; Yu J; McVeigh J; Mamo A; Ziegl A; Holgate K; Li J; Cholerton N; Fildes J; Figtree G; Gallagher R; Ferry C; Loh E; Redmond S; Schreier G; Lovell N; Ooi S, 2020, '771 The Impact of Age on Smartphone Ownership in a Cardiology Inpatient Population',

Green RA; Poole-Warren LA; Lovell NH, 2007, 'Novel neural interface for vision prosthesis electrodes: Neurite outgrowth through biomolecule incorporation', presented at European Cells and Materials Conference, 01 November 2007 - 03 November 2007

Green RA; Martens P; Middeldorp L; Poole-Warren LA; Lovell NH, 2006, 'Novel neural interface technique for use in vision prostheses: Neurite ingrowth to electrode stimulation sites', presented at Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 2006, Rotorua, New Zealand, 01 February 2006 - 03 February 2006

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