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Lovell N; Morley J; Suaning G; Tsai D, 2017, Stimulation method for maintaining responsiveness of cells, Australia, Patent No. 2012211030,

Tsai D; Morley J; Suaning G; Lovell N, 2017, Stimulation method for maintaining the re- sponsiveness of electrically excitable cells to repeated electrical stimulation, Patent No. 9,669,213 B2

Poole-Warren LA; Green R; Martens P; Baek S; Goding J; Lovell N, 2016, Polymeric Material, Patent No. 9299476

Lehmann T; Lovell N; Jung L; Byrnes-Preston P; Suaning G; von Bock W, Method of power and data transfer in implantable electronic devices, Patent No. 2485801

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