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Conference Proceedings (Editor of)

Granat M; Bussmann H; Lovell N; Owen N; Salmon J; Stansfield B, 2012, '2nd International conference on ambulatory monitoring of physical activity and movement (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, 24-27 May 2011)', Vol. 33,

Dittmar A; Clark J; McAdams E; Lovell N, 2007, 'Welcome message from conference committee of EMBC'07',

Lovell NH, (ed.), 2005, 'Physiological Measurement', IOP Publishing Ltd, Bristol, England, presented at Physiological Measurement

Lovell NH, (ed.), 2005, 'Royal College of Nursing', RCN Events, London, presented at Royal College of Nursing

Poole-Warren LA; Martens P; Staples R; Williams CM; Lovell NH, (eds.), 2004, 'SPIE 2004: Smart Materials, Nano-and Micro-Smart Systems', Sydney, presented at SPIE 2004: Smart Materials, Nano-and Micro-Smart Systems, Sydney, 13 December 2004 - 15 December 2004

Wibowo E; Kwok CY; Lovell NH, (eds.), 2003, 'Device and Process Technologies for MEMS, Microelectronics and Photonics III', Perth, WA, presented at Device and Process Technologies for MEMS, Microelectronics and Photonics III, Perth, WA, 10 December 2003 - 12 December 2003

Ayre PJ; Lovell NH; Morris RW; Woodard J, (eds.), 2003, 'ASAIO - ISAO Joint Conference', Washington DC, USA, presented at ASAIO - ISAO Joint Conference, Washington DC, USA, 19 June 2003 - 21 June 2003

Avolio AP; Camacho F; Lovell NH, (eds.), 2003, '13th European Meeting on Hypertension', Milan Italy, presented at 13th European Meeting on Hypertension, Milan Italy, 13 June 2003 - 17 June 2003

Nguyen VK; Walther M; Garsden H; Coiera E; Lovell NH, (eds.), 2002, 'Health Informatics Conference 2002', Melbourne, presented at Health Informatics Conference 2002, Melbourne, 04 August 2002 - 06 August 2002

Lovell NH, (ed.), 1998, '>', presented at >

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