Select Publications

Edited Books

Barberis J; Arner DW; Buckley RP; Chishti S, (eds.), 2019, The RegTech Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries in Regulation, John Wiley & Sons,

Buckley RP; Arner D; Avgouleas E, (eds.), 2016, Reconceptualising Global Finance and Its Regulation, Cambridge University Press, UK,

Buckley R, (ed.), 2011, East Asian Integration: Law, Trade and Finance, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham

Buckley RP, (ed.), 2011, Debt-for-Development Exchanges: History and New Applications, Cambridge University Press, New York,

Buckley RP; Lo V; Boulle L, (eds.), 2008, Challenges to Multilateral Trade: The Impact of Bilateral, Preferential and Regional Agreements, Kluwer Law International, The Netherlands

Buckley RP, (ed.), 2003, The WTO and the Doha Round: The Changing Face of World Trade, Kluwer Law International, London, UK

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