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Buckley R; Arner D; Zetzsche D; Selga E; Consiglio R, 2021, Innovative Regulatory Approaches Toolkit,

Arner DW; Buckley RP; Charamba K; Zetzsche DA; Sergeev A, 2021, A Principles-based Approach to the Governance of BigFintechs, Elsevier BV,,

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Greenacre J; Malady L; Buckley RP, 2014, The Regulation of Mobile Money in Malawi: Project Report, Elsevier BV,,

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Buckley RP, 2004, The Need to Extend the Investment Provisions of the AUSFTA to Other Nations: A Response to the Question on Notice from the Senate Select Committee on the AUSFTA, Senate Select Committee on AUSFTA, Available at

Buckley RP, 2002, The Desperate Need for a Global Sovereign Bankruptcy Regime: Potential and Predictions, http://http/

Buckley RP, 1995, Report as General Rapporteur of the Personal Property Security Law Reform Workshop, Bond University, December 14-17, 1995

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