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Buckley R, 2018, Regulatory Sandboxes and Innovation Hubs, Timor Leste

Buckley R, 2018, Blockchain and Its Principal Applications: Cryptoassets and ICOs, Port Moresby

Buckley R, 2018, Blockchain and Its Applications, Manila

Buckley R, 2018, FinTech for Financial Inclusion: Driving Sustainable Growth, Samoa

Buckley R, 2018, Regulating in the Digital Economy: Bitcoin, Blockchains and ICOs, Sydney

Buckley R, 2018, FinTech and RegTech: Future directions, Sydney and Melbourne

Buckley RP, 2018, Blockchains and Initial Coin Offerings, Sydney & Canberra

Buckley R; Farrell S; Glass H; Staples M, 2018, Cryptocurrency Financial Products and Markets, ASIC

Buckley R, 2018, Chaired the Panel on Open Banking, at the Responsible Lending and Borrowing Summit

Malady L; Buckley R, 2018, Encouraging Interest on E-Money & Supervising E-Money Issuers

Buckley R, 2017, Introduction to RegTech

Buckley R, 2017, Regulation of Digital Finance in the Global South – Challenges and Opportunities, University of Luxembourg

Buckley R, 2017, From FinTech to RegTech to TechFin -- The Transformation of Banking and Finance and Associated Regulatory Challenges

Buckley R, 2017, Twenty years of international financial crises: what have we learned and what still needs to be done?

Buckley R, 2015, Foreword, Wolters Kluwer,

Buckley RP, 2012, Review of Emilios Avgouleas, “Governance of Global Financial Markets: The Law, the Economics, the Politics”, Carswell

Buckley RP, 2012, Review of Fabio Bassan, “The Law of Sovereign Wealth Funds”

Buckley RP, 2011, “Zeitoun”, a review of the book by Dave Eggers, Thomson Reuters (Professional)

Buckley RP, 2008, Review of Picker, Bunn & Arner, International Economic Law: The State and Future of the Discipline, Cambridge University Press (CUP): HSS Journals - No Cambridge Open

Buckley RP, 2007, Review of Douglas W Arner, “Financial Stability, Economic Growth, and the Role of Law”

Buckley R, 2006, Review of R Grote & T Marauhn (eds), "The Regulation of International Financial Markets"

Arner D (ed.), 2006, Preface, Kluwer Law International, London,

Buckley RP, 2005, Poverty and Debt, St Johns Anglican Cathedral

Buckley RP, 2003, Review: “China and the World Trading System: Entering the New Millennium”, a review of the collection edited by D Cass, B Williams & G Barker, Kluwer Law International

Buckley RP, 2003, Review: “Drawing Lines in Sand and Snow: Balancing Border Security and North American Economic Integration”, a review of the book by B Condon & T Sinha, Kluwer Law International

Laryea E (ed.), 2002, Foreword, Kluwer Law International, London,

Buckley RP, 2002, Review: “NAFTA, WTO and Global Business Strategy: How Aids, Trade and Terrorism Affect Our Economic Future” a review of the book by B Condon, Wiley: 24 months

Buckley RP, 2000, Review: Commercial Law in the Next Millenium – A review of the Hamlyn Lectures delivered by Professor Roy Goode

Buckley RP, 1998, Review: “Two Legal Citation Guides”, a review of the ‘Australian Guide to Legal Citation’ by the Melbourne University Law Review Association and ‘Australian Legal Citation – A Guide’ by Colin Fong

Buckley RP, 1997, Review: “Frontiers of Legal Scholarship – Twenty five years of Warwick Law School”, a review of the book by GP Wilson (ed)

Buckley RP, 1994, Review: “International Transactions – Trade and Investment, Law and Finance”, a review of the book by KCDM Wilde (ed) & MR Islam (assoc ed)

Buckley RP, 1993, Review: “Handy Hints on Legal Practice”, a review of the second edition of Lewis & Kyrou’s book

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