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Dr Karly Turner

Faculty: Science
Fields of Research (FoR): Behavioural neuroscience, Neurosciences, Biological psychology, Animal behaviour, Decision making, Cognition, Learning, motivation and emotion, Animal Behaviour, Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology), Mental Health
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I am a behavioural neuroscientist interested in cognitive processes that go awry in neuropsychiatric disorders. Using animal models I study the brain circuits underlying attenti
Ms Alba Olivares Nadal

Faculty: Business
Fields of Research (FoR): Operations research, Applied statistics, Machine learning, Decision making

My mathematical background and my innate curiosity have always encouraged me to broaden my research limits and explore problems of diverse nature.
Associate Professor Twan Huybers

Faculty: UNSW Canberra
Fields of Research (FoR): Decision making, Tourism economics, Higher education

Twan Huybers is Associate Professor in the School of Business at UNSW, Canberra. 
Dr Christian Criado-Perez

Faculty: Business
Fields of Research (FoR): Organisational behaviour, Personality and individual differences, Decision making, Sustainable design

Dr. Criado-Perez has experience working in the aerospace industry in roles related to production engineering and change management.
Associate Professor Sam Kirshner

Faculty: Business
Fields of Research (FoR): Production and operations management, Decision making, Human-computer interaction, Ethical use of new technology
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Sam Kirshner is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Systems and Technology Management at the University of New South Wales.