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Ren H; Wu L; Haibo Y, 2022, Concentric tube robot device and control method thereof, Patent No. CN107753109,

Wang G; Chen K; Xie Y; Yang X; Shuai Z; Zheng L; Liu L; Wu L; Liu Z; Ren S; Cheng J; Yu Q, 2017, Painting robot position planning method for large-scale free-form surface, Patent No. CN104331542,

Chen K; Miao D; Wang G; Yang X; Yang D; Pan Y; Wu L; Xie Y; Liu Z, 2013, Spray gun track planning method for free-form surface spraying robot, Patent No. CN102527554,

Shao J; Yang X; Liu Z; Wu D; Chen K; Zhang C; Chen Y; Wu L; Fu C; Yang D; Cao W; Chen M; Lu D; Li J; Fu T; Liu Z; Xu J; Zheng L; Wang L; Yan H, 2011, Pipeline spraying robot and operation track planning method thereof, Patent No. CN101612734,

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