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Chua MX; Okubo Y; Peng S; Do TN; Wang CH; Wu L, 2024, Analysis of Fatigue-Induced Compensatory Movements in Bicep Curls: Gaining Insights for the Deployment of Wearable Sensors, ,

Liu T; Wang X; Katupitiya J; Wang J; Wu L, 2024, Automatic Tissue Traction with Haptics-Enabled Forceps for Minimally Invasive Surgery, ,

Coates C; Wu L, 2023, A Mechatronic System for the Visualisation and Analysis of Orchestral Conducting, ,

Liu T; Zhang T; Katupitiya J; Wang J; Wu L, 2023, Haptics-Enabled Forceps with Multi-Modal Force Sensing: Towards Task-Autonomous Surgery, ,

Strydom M; Banach A; Wu L; Crawford R; Roberts J; Jaiprakash A, 2019, Real-time Joint Motion Analysis and Instrument Tracking for Robot-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, ,

Jakes D; Ge Z; Wu L, 2019, Model-less Active Compliance for Continuum Robots using Recurrent Neural Networks, ,

Leitner J; Tow AW; Dean JE; Suenderhauf N; Durham JW; Cooper M; Eich M; Lehnert C; Mangels R; McCool C; Kujala P; Nicholson L; Pham T; Sergeant J; Wu L; Zhang F; Upcroft B; Corke P, 2016, The ACRV Picking Benchmark (APB): A Robotic Shelf Picking Benchmark to Foster Reproducible Research, ,

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