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Sunstrum F; Demirbilek RO; Gardner N; Viengkham C; Spehar B, 2024, 'Revealing the Synergy between Formal Aesthetics and Product Semantics: Exploring the Impact of Visual Form on Product Perception', International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

Demirbilek O, 2021, 'Better Life in Urban Areas for All with Inclusive Design', AMPS Proceedings Series 21, pp. 12 - 25,

Goad P; Wittenoom S; Oldfield P; Demirbilek O; Bergdoll B, 2018, 'Gold medallist Alexander Tzannes', Architecture Australia, 107, pp. 89 - 112,;dn=662823444603411;res=IELAPA

Bridge C; Mintzes A; Demirbilek OR, 2015, 'Older Australian out and about in the global context: Their bathroom preferences and what this means for standards development and accessible tourism', Journal of Universal Design in the Built Environment, 1, pp. 15 - 23,

Xian L; Park M; Demirbilek OR, 2012, 'Informal WEEE Recycling in China: A Field Study of Stakeholders in Tianjin', International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, 3, pp. 422 - 426,

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Nawangpalupi CB; Demirbilek OR, 2008, 'Investigation of the drivers and the barriers for travel behaviour chages and analysis of the impact', The international Journal of Environmental, Cultral, Economic and social sustainability, 4, pp. 1 - 10

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Demirbilek OR; Sener B, 2003, 'Product Design, Semantics and Emotional Response. Special Issue: Human Factors Design', Ergonomics, 46,, pp. 1346 - 1360

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(Saritabak) OD; Demirkan H, 1998, 'Involving the Elderly in the Design Process', Architectural Science Review, 41, pp. 157 - 163,

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