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Blythe R; Moline K; Vaughan L; Haylock B; Stamm M; van Schaik L; Attiwill S; Ednie Brown P; Mitsogianni V; O’Callaghan J; Demirbilek O; Luscombe D; McNeil P; Wallan L; Bertram N; Bird M; Murray S; Ramirez-Lovering D; Hurst R; Kelly V; Bette U; Russell-Clarke J; George B; Knapp C; Carter A; Savrimaki M; Woodward M; Anderson L; Komac U; Muminovic M; Ware S; Loo S; Wise K; Maloney J; Gibson I; Fulleondo D; Wier I; Hamilton J; Lawson G; Osborne L, 2016, Office of Learning and Teaching Grant, $1,779, 147, DAP_r (Design and Architecture Practice research),

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