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Hale S; Stern L, 2019, 'Interpreters and delegates working together in an international setting', presented at AUSIT National Conference, Hobart, Australia, 18 October 2019 - 19 October 2019,

Goodman-Delahunty J; Martschuk N; Hale S; Doherty S, 2017, 'The influence of language, interpreting mode, and presence on rapport', presented at The Federal Bureau of Investigation High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group Research Symposium, U.S. Institute of Peace Building, Washington, DC, USA, 16 October 2017 - 16 October 2017

Napier J; Hale SB; Spencer D; San Roque M, 2017, '"I had doubts about how it would work and then I was surprised at how well it did work"', presented at IAFL Porto 2017: 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, Porto, Portugal, 10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017,

Napier J; Hale SB; Russell D, 2016, 'Does research matter? Informing policy changes through critical interpreting studies about Deaf jurors', presented at Critical Link 8: Critical LinkS - A new generation. Future proofing interpreting and translating, Edinburgh, 29 June 2016 - 01 July 2016

Meiser B; Zilliacus E; Wong T; Girgis A; Butow P; Hale S; Kissane D; Perry A; Aranda S; Tomkins S; Hodges J; Norris C; Shaw T; Tebble H; Woodland L; Kaur R; Goldstein D, 2015, 'Communication skills training for oncology health care professionals working with culturally and linguistically diverse patients'

Goodman-Delahunty J; Hale SB; Martschuk N; Dhami M, 2015, 'Suspect interviews with interpreters: Measuring accuracy and rapport maintenance', presented at EAPL+WORLD 2015 Conference: Current Challenges for Psychology and Law, Nuremberg, 04 August 2015 - 07 August 2015,

Hale SB; San Roque M, 2015, 'Deaf citizens as jurors: communicating via court interpreters', presented at IAFL 12th Biennial Conference on Forensic Linguistics, Guangdong, China, 06 July 2015 - 09 July 2015

Hale SB, 2015, 'Interpreting in the age of technology', presented at Justice Without Barriers: Technology for Greater Access to Justice Conference, Brisbane, 21 May 2015 - 22 May 2015

Hale SB, 2015, 'Court Interpreting: Status, working conditions and quality', presented at Cultural Diversity and the Law conference: Access to Justice in Multicultural Australia, Sydney, 13 March 2015 - 14 March 2015,

Hale SB, 2012, 'Interpreting culture', presented at School of International Studies Conference: "Languages matter. Cultures connect", Sydney, 13 April 2012 - 13 April 2012,

Hale SB, 2011, '‘Just interpret the words’: The interpreter as defined by judicial officers and tribunal members', presented at ALAA-ALANZ-ALS Langfest Conference, Canberra, 01 December 2011 - 02 December 2011,

Hale SB, 2010, 'Do interpreters make a difference to juror evaluations of witnesses?', presented at 5th Latin American Congress of Translation and Interpreting, Buenos Aires, 12 May 2010 - 16 May 2010

Hale S, 2004, 'The interpreter's identity crisis', presented at International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Seoul, South Korea, 11 August 2004 - 14 August 2004,

Hale S, 2004, 'The impact of the interpreter on the evaluation of witness character in the adversarial system', presented at Critical Link 4, Stockholm, Sweden, 20 May 2004 - 23 May 2004,

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