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Amal R; Bai Y; Li Z; Wang L, 2016, 'Design of Novel Nanostructured Photoanode Materials for Low-Cost and Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications', in Kane D; Micolich A; Roger P (ed.), Nanomaterials Science and Applications, Pan Stanford, pp. 231 - 288,

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Journal articles

Tran-Phu T; Daiyan R; Leverett J; Fusco Z; Tadich A; Di Bernardo I; Kiy A; Truong TN; Zhang Q; Chen H; Kluth P; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2022, 'Understanding the activity and stability of flame-made Co3O4 spinels: A route towards the scalable production of highly performing OER electrocatalysts', Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 429, pp. 132180 - 132180,

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Chung HY; Toe CY; Chen W; Wen X; Wong RJ; Amal R; Abdi FF; Ng YH, 2021, 'Manipulating the Fate of Charge Carriers with Tungsten Concentration: Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation of Bi2WO6', Small, vol. 17,

Foller T; Daiyan R; Jin X; Leverett J; Kim H; Webster R; Yap JE; Wen X; Rawal A; DeSilva KKH; Yoshimura M; Bustamante H; Chang SLY; Kumar P; You Y; Lee GH; Amal R; Joshi R, 2021, 'Enhanced graphitic domains of unreduced graphene oxide and the interplay of hydration behaviour and catalytic activity', Materials Today,

Jantarang S; Lovell EC; Tan TH; Xie B; Scott J; Amal R, 2021, 'Altering the influence of ceria oxygen vacancies in Ni/CexSiy O2for photothermal CO2methanation', Catalysis Science and Technology, vol. 11, pp. 5297 - 5309,

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