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Foller T; Daiyan R; Jin X; Leverett J; Kim H; Webster R; Yap JE; Wen X; Rawal A; DeSilva KKH; Yoshimura M; Bustamante H; Chang SLY; Kumar P; You Y; Lee GH; Amal R; Joshi R, 2020, Enhanced graphitic domains of unreduced graphene oxide and the interplay of hydration behaviour and catalytic activity, ,

Van Antwerpen J; Khan MHA; Shepherd J; Tan TH; MacGill I; Amal R; Daiyan R, A Model for Assessing Pathways to Integrate Intermittent Renewable Energy for E-Methanol Production, ,

Amal R, Generating H2 and Its Derivatives Using Solar Energy, ,

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