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Zhou S; Sun K; Toe CY; Huang J; Wang A; Yuwono J; Kumar P; Wan T; Zhang D; Ma Z; Vongsvivut J; Chu D; Hao X; Amal R, 2024, 'Solar driven ammonia synthesis with Co-TiOx and Ag nanowires enhanced Cu2ZnSnS4 photocathodes', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 348,

Gunawan D; Zhang J; Li Q; Toe CY; Scott J; Antonietti M; Guo J; Amal R, 2024, 'Materials Advances in Photocatalytic Solar Hydrogen Production: Integrating Systems and Economics for a Sustainable Future.', Adv Mater, pp. e2404618,

Nguyen TKA; Trần-Phú T; Daiyan R; Ta XMC; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2024, 'From Plastic Waste to Green Hydrogen and Valuable Chemicals Using Sunlight and Water', Angewandte Chemie,

Nguyen TKA; Trần-Phú T; Daiyan R; Ta XMC; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2024, 'From Plastic Waste to Green Hydrogen and Valuable Chemicals Using Sunlight and Water.', Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, pp. e202401746,

Gunawan D; Lau LY; Yuwono JA; Kumar PV; Oppong-Antwi L; Kuschnerus I; Chang SLY; Hocking RK; Amal R; Scott J; Toe CY, 2024, 'Revealing the activity and selectivity of atomically dispersed Ni in Zn3In2S6 for benzyl alcohol photoreforming', Chemical Engineering Journal, 486,

Khan MHA; Sitaraman T; Haque N; Leslie G; Saydam S; Daiyan R; Amal R; Kara S, 2024, 'Strategies for life cycle impact reduction of green hydrogen production – Influence of electrolyser value chain design', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 62, pp. 769 - 782,

Amal R; Belver C; Wang Y, 2024, 'Enriched Horizon of Applied Catalysis B: Environment and Energy', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 343,

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Zhang H; Ge A; Wang Y; Xia B; Wang X; Zheng Z; Wei C; Ma B; Zhu L; Amal R; Yun SLJ; Gu Z, 2024, 'Intracellular Delivery of Therapeutic Protein via Ultrathin Layered Double Hydroxide Nanosheets', Pharmaceutics, 16,

Gunawan C; Fleming C; Irga PJ; Jien Wong R; Amal R; Torpy FR; Mojtaba Golzan S; McGrath KC, 2024, 'Neurodegenerative effects of air pollutant Particles: Biological mechanisms implicated for Early-Onset Alzheimer's disease', Environment International, 185,

Sun J; Zhou R; Hong J; Gao Y; Qu Z; Liu Z; Liu D; Zhang T; Zhou R; Ostrikov K; Cullen P; Lovell EC; Amal R; Jalili AR, 2024, 'Sustainable ammonia production via nanosecond-pulsed plasma oxidation and electrocatalytic reduction', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 342,

Xie B; Hu D; Kumar P; Ordomsky VV; Khodakov AY; Amal R, 2024, 'Heterogeneous catalysis via light-heat dual activation: A path to the breakthrough in C1 chemistry', Joule, 8, pp. 312 - 333,

Nguyen TKA; Trần-Phú T; Ta XMC; Truong TN; Leverett J; Daiyan R; Amal R; Tricoli A, 2024, 'Understanding Structure-Activity Relationship in Pt-loaded g-C3N4 for Efficient Solar- Photoreforming of Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic and Hydrogen Production', Small Methods, 8,

Zhu YF; Xie B; Yuwono JA; Kumar P; Sharma AS; Nielsen MP; Bendavid A; Amal R; Scott J; Lovell EC, 2024, 'Making light work: designing plasmonic structures for the selective photothermal methanation of carbon dioxide', EES Catalysis, 2, pp. 834 - 849,

Li Y; Verma V; Su H; Zhang X; Zhou S; Lawson T; Li J; Amal R; Hou Y; Dai L, 2024, 'Rationally Designed Carbon-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical C-N Coupling', Advanced Energy Materials,

Lim M; Ma Z; O'Connell G; Yuwono JA; Kumar P; Jalili R; Amal R; Daiyan R; Lovell EC, 2024, 'Ru-Induced Defect Engineering in Co3O4 Lattice for High Performance Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonium', Small,

Shi L; Liu D; Lin X; Cheng R; Liu F; Kim C; Hu C; Qiu J; Amal R; Dai L, 2024, 'Stable and High-performance Flow H2-O2 Fuel Cells with Coupled Acidic Oxygen Reduction and Alkaline Hydrogen Oxidation Reactions', Advanced Materials,

Ramadhany P; Trần-Phú T; Yuwono JA; Ma Z; Han C; Nguyen TKA; Leverett J; Kumar P; Hocking RK; Tricoli A; Simonov AN; Amal R; Daiyan R, 2024, 'Triggering C‒N Coupling on Metal Oxide Nanocomposite for the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 and NOx⁻ to Formamide', Advanced Energy Materials,

Hoang MT; Han C; Ma Z; Mao X; Yang Y; Madani SS; Shaw P; Yang Y; Peng L; Toe CY; Pan J; Amal R; Du A; Tesfamichael T; Han Z; Wang H, 2023, 'Efficient CO2 Reduction to Formate on CsPbI3 Nanocrystals Wrapped with Reduced Graphene Oxide', Nano-Micro Letters, 15,

Peng L; Zhang D; Ma Z; Chu D; Cazorla C; Amal R; Han Z, 2023, 'Enhanced pH-Universal Hydrogen Evolution Reactions on the Ru/a–Ni–MoO3 Electrocatalysts', Small Structures, 4,

Haghshenas Y; Wong WP; Gunawan D; Khataee A; Keyikoğlu R; Razmjou A; Kumar PV; Toe CY; Masood H; Amal R; Sethu V; Teoh WY, 2023, 'Predicting the rates of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over cocatalyst-deposited TiO2 using machine learning with active photon flux as a unifying feature', EES Catalysis, 2, pp. 612 - 623,

Zhang D; Tsounis C; Ma Z; Peng L; Lin Z; Yin H; Hussain F; Cazorla C; Chu D; Amal R; Han Z, 2023, 'Enhancing hydrogen peroxide electrosynthesis by manipulating the three-phase interface microenvironment', Cell Reports Physical Science, 4,

Zheng Z; Zhang K; Toe CY; Amal R; Deletic A, 2023, 'Photo-electrochemical oxidation flow system for stormwater herbicides removal: Operational conditions and energy consumption analysis', Science of the Total Environment, 898,

Gunawan D; Yuwono JA; Kumar PV; Kaleem A; Nielsen MP; Tayebjee MJY; Oppong-Antwi L; Wen H; Kuschnerus I; Chang SLY; Wang Y; Hocking RK; Chan TS; Toe CY; Scott J; Amal R, 2023, 'Unraveling the structure-activity-selectivity relationships in furfuryl alcohol photoreforming to H2 and hydrofuroin over ZnxIn2S3+x photocatalysts', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 335,

Zhang Q; Chen Y; Pan J; Daiyan R; Lovell EC; Yun J; Amal R; Lu X, 2023, 'Electrosynthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide through Selective Oxygen Reduction: A Carbon Innovation from Active Site Engineering to Device Design', Small, 19,

Morel J; McNeilly O; Grundy S; Brown T; Gunawan C; Amal R; Scott JA, 2023, 'Nanoscale Titanium Surface Engineering via Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Etching for Enhanced Antimicrobial Properties', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 15, pp. 46247 - 46260,

Masood H; Sirojan T; Toe CY; Kumar PV; Haghshenas Y; Sit PHL; Amal R; Sethu V; Teoh WY, 2023, 'Enhancing prediction accuracy of physical band gaps in semiconductor materials', Cell Reports Physical Science, 4,

Zhang J; Toe CY; Kumar P; Scott J; Amal R, 2023, 'Engineering defects in TiO2 for the simultaneous production of hydrogen and organic products', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 333,

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Sun J; Zhang T; Hong J; Zhou R; Masood H; Zhou R; Murphy AB; Ostrikov KK; Cullen PJ; Lovell EC; Amal R; Jalili AR, 2023, 'Insights into plasma-catalytic nitrogen fixation from catalyst microanalysis and chemical kinetics modelling', Chemical Engineering Journal, 469,

Bui TS; Lovell EC; Daiyan R; Amal R, 2023, 'Defective Metal Oxides: Lessons from CO2RR and Applications in NOxRR', Advanced Materials, 35,

Tran-Phu T; Chatti M; Leverett J; Nguyen TKA; Simondson D; Hoogeveen DA; Kiy A; Duong T; Johannessen B; Meilak J; Kluth P; Amal R; Simonov AN; Hocking RK; Daiyan R; Tricoli A, 2023, 'Understanding the Role of (W, Mo, Sb) Dopants in the Catalyst Evolution and Activity Enhancement of Co3O4 during Water Electrolysis via In Situ Spectroelectrochemical Techniques', Small, 19,

Gong L; Wang X; Daiyan R; Zhu X; Leverett J; Duan Z; Zhang L; Amal R; Dai L; Xia Z, 2023, 'Origin and predictive principle for selective products of electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, pp. 15359 - 15369,

Zhu YF; Xie B; Amal R; Lovell EC; Scott J, 2023, 'Light-Enhanced Conversion of CO2 to Light Olefins: Basis in Thermal Catalysis, Current Progress, and Future Prospects', Small Structures, 4,

Zong L; Yu Y; Wang J; Liu P; Feng W; Dai X; Chen L; Gunawan C; Jimmy Yun SL; Amal R; Cheong S; Gu Z; Chen Y, 2023, 'Oxygen-vacancy-rich molybdenum carbide MXene nanonetworks for ultrasound-triggered and capturing-enhanced sonocatalytic bacteria eradication', Biomaterials, 296,

Ta XMC; Nguyen TKA; Bui AD; Nguyen HT; Daiyan R; Amal R; Tran-Phu T; Tricoli A, 2023, 'Optimizing Surface Composition and Structure of FeWO4 Photoanodes for Enhanced Water Photooxidation', Advanced Materials Technologies, 8,

Suryawanshi MP; Ghorpade UV; Toe CY; Suryawanshi UP; He M; Zhang D; Jang JS; Shin SW; Kim JH; Hao X; Amal R, 2023, 'Earth-abundant photoelectrodes for water splitting and alternate oxidation reactions: Recent advances and future perspectives', Progress in Materials Science, 134,

Xiang F; Cheng F; Sun Y; Yang X; Lu W; Amal R; Dai L, 2023, 'Recent advances in flexible batteries: From materials to applications', Nano Research, 16, pp. 4821 - 4854,

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Lim M; Sun J; Ma Z; Jalili R; Daiyan R; Lovell EC; Amal R, 2023, 'Engineering CuOx Nanoparticles on Cu Foam for Acidic Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium', ACS Applied Nano Materials, 6, pp. 4936 - 4945,

Han C; Kundi V; Ma Z; Toe CY; Kumar P; Tsounis C; Jiang J; Xi S; Han Z; Lu X; Amal R; Pan J, 2023, 'Differentiating the Impacts of Cu2O Initial Low- and High-Index Facets on Their Reconstruction and Catalytic Performance in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reaction', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Zhang D; Mitchell E; Lu X; Chu D; Shang L; Zhang T; Amal R; Han Z, 2023, 'Metal-free carbon-based catalysts design for oxygen reduction reaction towards hydrogen peroxide: From 3D to 0D', Materials Today, 63, pp. 339 - 359,

Ma Z; Wan T; Zhang D; Yuwono JA; Tsounis C; Jiang J; Chou YH; Lu X; Kumar PV; Ng YH; Chu D; Toe CY; Han Z; Amal R, 2023, 'Atomically Dispersed Cu Catalysts on Sulfide-Derived Defective Ag Nanowires for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction', ACS Nano, 17, pp. 2387 - 2398,

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Zurrer T; Lovell E; Han Z; Liang K; Scott J; Amal R, 2023, 'Harnessing the structural attributes of NiMg-CUK-1 MOF for the dual-function capture and transformation of carbon dioxide into methane', Chemical Engineering Journal, 455,

Tan TH; Zhang H; Xie B; Mann R; Peng L; Yun SLJ; Amal R; Gu Z; Gunawan C, 2023, 'Hydroxyl Radical Generating Monovalent Copper Particles for Antimicrobial Application', Journal of Nanomaterials, 2023,

Han C; Kundi V; Ma Z; Toe CY; Kumar P; Tsounis C; Jiang J; Xi S; Han Z; Lu X; Amal R; Pan J, 2023, 'Differentiating the Impacts of Cu2O Initial Low‐ and High‐Index Facets on Their Reconstruction and Catalytic Performance in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reaction (Adv. Funct. Mater. 12/2023)', Advanced Functional Materials, 33,

Leverett J; Khan MHA; Tran-Phu T; Tricoli A; Hocking RK; Yun SLJ; Dai L; Daiyan R; Amal R, 2022, 'Renewable Power for Electrocatalytic Generation of Syngas: Tuning the Syngas Ratio by Manipulating the Active Sites and System Design', ChemCatChem, 14,

Shepherd J; Haider Ali Khan M; Amal R; Daiyan R; MacGill I, 2022, 'Open-source project feasibility tools for supporting development of the green ammonia value chain', Energy Conversion and Management, 274,

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