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Snepvangers K; Rourke A, 2020, 'Creative practice as a catalyst for developing connectedness capabilities: A Community Building Framework from the Teaching International Students (TIS) project', Journal of International Students, vol. 10, pp. 17 - 35,

Snepvangers K, 2019, 'Marriage of an Aboriginal 2018', Synnyt Origins, vol. 2 June, pp. 328 - 343,

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Snepvangers K; Bannon R, 2016, 'Transformative learning: Ecologies of practice in art and design education', Australian Art Education, vol. Volume 37, pp. 38 - 56,

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Fenner FM; McDonald G; Snepvangers KL, 2010, 'COFA Heads to Venice', ACUADS Research Journal 9/10, pp. 52 - 55

McDonald G; Snepvangers KL, 2009, 'Contemporary Art Practice, Art Museums and the Public Domain', Australian Art Education, vol. 32, pp. 58 - 68

Baguley MM; Snepvangers KL; McDonald GR, 2009, 'Engaging Educated Islands: An Examination of the Collaborative Process of Creating the 2009 Venice Biennale Art Education Resource for Australian School Students', The International Journal of the Arts in Society, vol. 4, pp. 217 - 227,

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