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Rourke A; Snepvangers K; Myoung G; Lin S; Cho H-J, (eds.), 2019, 'Shifting landscapes of International education: New conceptions of creativity as collaboration and partnerships', UNSW Kensington Campus, pp. 12 - 14, presented at Embracing change: Creating opportunity, UNSW Kensington Campus, 26 November 2019 - 26 November 2019,

Rourke A; Snepvangers K; Vivien Sung ; Jiang J; McDonald I, (eds.), 2018, 'A Distributed Facilitator Framework (DFF) for Teaching International Students (TIS)', UNSW, Kensington, pp. 10 - 11, presented at Partners in Learning: Connecting communities, UNSW, Kensington, 26 October 2018 - 26 October 2018,

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