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Strnadova I; Danker J; Dowse L; Lenne B; Alonzo D; Tso M; Loblinzk J; Willow SA, 2024, 'Learning environments for students with moderate and high support needs: Listening to student voices', in he Routledge Handbook on the Influence of Built Environments on Diverse Childhoods,

Nguyen H; Wijarwadi W; Alonzo D, 2024, 'Preservice Teacher Mentoring in TESOL Contexts: A systematic Literature Review', in Tajeddin Z; Farrell TSC (ed.), Handbook of Language Teacher Education: Critical Review and Research Synthesis, Springer

Alonzo D; Davison C; Sahlberg P, 2023, 'Assessment for Equity: The Role of Formative Assessment', in Educational Assessment The Influence of Paul Black on Research, Pedagogy and Practice, Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 143 - 162

Alonzo D, 2022, 'Slackness, ironies, trends and opportunities in higher education: Moving forward for more strategic governance.', in Under the New Normal: Challenges and Opportunities Indonesia

Beswick K; Alonzo D, 2022, 'Teaching mathematics out-of-field: What knowledge matters?', in Hobbs L; Porsch R (ed.), Out-of-field teaching across teaching disciplines and contexts, Springer, Singapore, pp. 353 - 366,

Quimno V; Alonz D, 2019, 'Leading innovation centres in higher education institutions in developing countries: Ensuring graduate employability', in Innovate Higher Education to Enhance Graduate Employability: Rethinking the Possibilities, pp. 70 - 82,

Vigentini L; McIntyre S; Mirriahi N; Alonzo D, 2016, 'Mining learning sequences in MOOCs: Does course design constrain students' behaviors or do students shape their own learning?', in Data Mining And Learning Analytics: Applications in Educational Research, pp. 173 - 205,

Vigentini L; McIntyre S; Mirriahi N; Alonzo D, 2016, 'Mining Learning Sequences in MOOCs: Does course design constrain students behaviours or do students shape their own learning?', in ElAtia S; Zaïane O; Ipperciel D (ed.), Data Mining and Learning Analytics in Educational Research, Wiley and Blackwell, pp. 175 - 206,

Mirriahi N; Alonzo D; McIntyre S; Kligte G; Fox B, 2016, 'Blended learning innovations: Leadership and change in one Australian institution', in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Sage, Los Angeles, pp. 293 - 307

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