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Alonzo D, 2024, Why does teachers' assessment literacy matter?, ,

Alonzo D; Dalona I; Armstrong R; Plancherel Y; Villacorte-Tabelin M; Tabelin C; Beltran A; Orbecido A; Brito-Prada P; Santos A; Jungblut A; Resabal V; Promentilla MA; Herrington R, 2024, RICHARD HERRINGTON – DEVELOPMENT OF A SITE-SPECIFIC SYSTEM FOR REHABILITATION OF LEGACY MINES: THE INTERSECTIONS OF SOCIAL, TECHNICAL, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DATA (BIO+MINE PROJECT PHILIPPINES), ,

Alonzo D; Suelto M, 2023, Social Mapping for Environmental Studies: The Key Socio-economic Parameters​, ,

Oo CZ; Alonzo D, 2022, Mentoring supervising teachers for effective development of pre-service teachers' assessment literacy, ,

Sheridan L; Alonzo D, 2022, Job resources for engaged teachers, ,

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