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Zhao S; Nguyen CC; Hoang TT; Do TN; Phan H-P, 2023, Transparent Pneumatic Tactile Sensors for Soft Biomedical Robotics, ,

Hoang TT; Phan PT; Thai MT; Davies J; Nguyen CC; Phan H-P; Lovell NH; Do TN, 2022, Highly conductive, ultra-stretchable liquid metal composites engineered  by magnetic field for robotic, wearable electronic, and medical applications            , ,

Wu L; Yu F; Do TN; Wang J, 2021, Camera Frame Misalignment in a Teleoperated Eye-in-Hand Robot: Effects and a Simple Correction Method, ,

Thai MT; Phan PT; Wong S; Lovell NH; Do TN, 2020, Advanced Intelligent Systems for Surgical Robotics, ,

Zhu M; Do TN; Hawkes E; Visell Y, 2019, Fluidic Fabric Muscle Sheets for Wearable and Soft Robotics, ,

Seah TET; Do TN; Takeshita N; Ho KY; Phee SJ, 2017, Future of Flexible Robotic Endoscopy Systems, ,

Do TN; Tjahjowidodo T; Lau MWS; Phee SJ, 2017, Performance Control of Tendon-Driven Endoscopic Surgical Robots With Friction and Hysteresis, ,

Do TN; Phee SJ, 2016, Haptic Feedback in Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), ,

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