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Conference Papers

Sammut C, 1988, 'Experimental Results from an Evaluation of Algorithms that Learn to Control Dynamic Systems', in Fifth International Conference on Machine Learning, Morgan Kaufmann, pp. 437 - 443

Sammut CA;Hume DV, 1987, 'Observation and Generalisation in a Simulated Robot World', in Langley P (ed.), Proceedings of the Fourth International Machine Learning Workshop, pp. 267 - 273, file://localhost/Users/claude/Sites/papers/ml4.pdf

Sammut CA;Pollaers J, 1986, 'A Frame Based Knowledge Representation System for Prolog', in Proceedings of the Ninth Australian Computer Science Conference, pp. 201 - 20

Sammut CA;Hume DV, 1985, 'Learning Concepts in a Complex Robot World', in Proceedings of the Third International Machine Learning Workshop

Cohen BL;Sammut CA, 1984, 'Program Synthesis Through Concept Learning', in Biermann AW;Guiho G;Kodratoff Y (eds.), Automatic Program Construction Techniques, Macmillan, pp. 463 - 482

Sammut C;Banerji RB, 1983, 'HIERARCHICAL MEORIES: An Aid To Concept Learning', in Proceedings of the 1983 International Machine Learning Workshop, pp. 74 - 80


Cohen BL;Sammut CA, 1980, 'Program Synthesis Through Concept Learning', in Kodratoff Y (ed.), Proceedings of The International Workshop on Program Construction, I.N.R.I.A.

Cohen BL;Sammut CA, 1978, 'Pattern Recognition and Learning with Structural Description Languages', in Fourth International Joint Conference on Pattern Recognition, pp. 1443 - 1446

Cohen BL;Sammut CA, 1978, 'CONFUCIUS - A Structural Approach to Object Recognition and Concept Learning', in Australian Universities Computer Science Seminar, pp. 249 - 259


Sammut C;Michie D, 1992, Multiple Autopilots: a Working Model for Cognitively Guided Subcognitive Skills

Sammut CA, 1987, Experiments in Pole Balancing, The Turing Institute

Theses / Dissertations

Sammut CA, 1981, Learning Concepts by Performing Experiments, phdthesis, Department of Computer Science, University of New South Wales

Conference Presentations

Tapia Cortez CA;Saydam S;Coulton J;Sammut C, 2017, 'Using the Memory and Cognition of Mineral Commodities to Predict Price Trends', presented at SME Annuial Conference & Expo, Denver, CO, USA, 19 - 22 February 2017

Working Papers

Hengst B;Pagnucco M;Rajaratnam D;Sammut C;Thielscher M, Perceptual Context in Cognitive Hierarchies,,

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