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Ng C-A; Ullah R; Farr J; Hill A; Kozek K; Vanags L; Mitchell D; Kroncke B; Vandenberg J, 2021, A Massively Parallel Trafficking Assay Accurately Predicts Loss of Channel Function inKCNH2Variants, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,

Vandenberg JI; Hill AP, 2016, An 'alternans' way to quantify arrhythmogenic substrates,

Martinac B; Vandenberg J, 2015, 'Shooting gallery' for membrane proteins provides new insights into complexities of their function and structural dynamics,

Vandenberg JI, 2010, Oxidative stress fine-tunes the dance of hERG K+ channels, Blackwell Publishing Ltd,

Vandenberg JI; Hill AP; Campbell TJ; Clarke CE, 2006, Reply from Jamie I. Vandenberg, Adam P. Hill, Terence J. Campbell, Catherine E. Clarke [2],

Subbiah RN; Campbell TJ; Vandenberg JI, 2005, Erratum: Inherited cardiac arrhythmia syndromes: What have they taught us about arrhythmias and anti-arrhythmic therapy? (Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (2004) 31 (906-912))

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