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Working Papers

Ballouz S; Mangala M; Perry M; Heitmann S; Gillis J; Hill A; Vandenberg J, 2019, Co-expression of calcium channels and delayed rectifier potassium channels protects the heart from proarrhythmic events, http://dx.doi.org10.1101/659821

Beattie K; Hill A; Bardenet R; Cui Y; Vandenberg J; Gavaghan D; de Boer T; Mirams G, 2017, Sinusoidal voltage protocols for rapid characterisation of ion channel kinetics, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, http://dx.doi.org10.1101/100677

Hodkinson EC; Hill AP; Vandenberg JI, 2014, The romano-ward syndrome 1964 2014: 50 years of progress,

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