Select Publications


Jiang C; Richardson E; Farr J; Hill AP; Ullah R; Kroncke BM; Harrison SM; Thomson KL; Ingles J; Vandenberg JI; Ng C-A, A calibrated functional patch clamp assay to enhance clinical variant interpretation in KCNH2-related long QT syndrome,

Kozek KA; Glazer AM; Ng C-A; Blackwell D; Egly CL; Vanags LR; Blair M; Mitchell D; Matreyek KA; Fowler DM; Knollmann BC; Vandenberg J; Roden DM; Kroncke BM, High-throughput discovery of trafficking-deficient variants in the cardiac potassium channel KCNH2: Deep mutational scan of KCNH2 trafficking,

Lee W; Windley MJ; Perry MD; Vandenberg JI; Hill AP, Protocol-dependent differences in IC50 values measured in hERG assays occur in a predictable way and can be used to quantify state preference of drug binding,

Vandenberg J; Lau C; Flood E; Hunter M; Ng C-A; Bouwer J; Stewart A; Perozo E; Allen T, Structural Basis for Rapid Voltage Dependent Inactivation of HERG Potassium Channels,

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