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Munster A; Barker M, 2022, 'Moving Data: Visualizing Human and Nonhuman Movement Artistically', in Gwilt I (ed.), Making Data Materializing Digital Information, Bloomsbury Publishing,

Munster A, 2021, '‘Disfluent Interfaces. Affective Conversations: Differencing Humans and Machines in AI’', in Stavning Thomsen BM; Kofoed, J; Fritsch J (ed.), Affects, Interfaces, Events, Imbricate Press, Vancouver, pp. 39 - 58,

Munster A; Mackenzie A, 2021, 'Oscilloscopes, slide-rules, and nematodes Toward heterogenetic perception in/of AI', in Lushetich, N; Campbell I (ed.), Distributed Perception Resonances and Axiologies, Taylor and Francis, UK, pp. 64 - 81,

Munster A, 2019, 'Signaletic Immediations: Sensing New Media as Relational Events and Ecologies', in Manning E; Munster A; Stavning Thomsen BM (ed.), Immediation 1, Open Humanities Press, pp. 228 - 239,

Munster AM, 2018, 'Conjunctive and Disjunctive Networks: Affects, Technics, and Arts in the Experience of Relation', in Sayers J (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities, edn. 1, Routledge, New York and London, pp. 274 - 282,

Munster AM, 2017, 'Distended Nervous System: Networked Media and Its Neurological Turns', in Neidich W (ed.), The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part Three, edn. 1, Archive Books, Berlin, Germany, pp. 187 - 213,

Munster AM; Barker M, 2016, 'The mutable face', in Hinkson M (ed.), Imaging Identity: Media, memory and portraiture in the digital age, ANU Press, Canberra, pp. 101 - 116,

Munster AM, 2014, 'Materiality', in Ryan M-L; Emerson L; Robertson B (ed.), The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, USA, pp. 327 - 330,

Munster AM, 2014, '“Text and Walk without Fear”: Apps and the Experience of Transparency', in Miller PD; Matviyenko S (ed.), The Imaginary App, edn. Software Studies, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 111 - 124,

Munster AM, 2014, 'Entanglements of Brain, Technics and Experience', in Skinner S (ed.), Torque#1, Link Publications, Link Arts Center, Brescia Italy, pp. 25 - 31,

Munster AM, 2012, 'Digital Embodiment/Digital Materiality', in Wiedemann C; Zehle S (ed.), Depletion Design: A Glossary of Network Ecologies, edn. 1, INC Publications, Amsterdam, pp. 35 - 40

Munster AM, 2010, 'Biotechnical Art and the Ethico-Aesthetic paradigm', in Lovejoy M; Paul C; Vesna V (ed.), Context Providers Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts, Intellect Ltd, Chicago, pp. 245 - 259

Munster AM, 2008, '‘A vizuális információ tömörítése és felerősítése a Flash esztétikában’ (Compression and the intensification of information in Flash Aesthetics)', in Gerencsér P (ed.), Új, média, művészet. (New, media, art), Universitas Szeged Kiadó, Szeged, Hungary, pp. 159 - 176

Munster AM, 2008, 'Bioaesthetics as Bioethics', in Pandolowski M (ed.), Art in the Biotech Era, edn. 1, Experimental Art Foundation Inc., Adelaide, pp. 14 - 21

Munster AM, 2008, 'Outage, Seepage, Blockage: Art and Cultural Practice in the Network', in Butt D; Bywater J; Paul N (ed.), Place: Local Knowledge and New Media Practice, edn. 1, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge, pp. 78 - 92

Munster AM, 2008, 'Welcome to Google Earth', in Kroker A; Kroker M (ed.), Critical Digital Studies, edn. 1, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, pp. 397 - 416

Munster AM, 2006, 'Media Art Zones - But Where`s The Media?', in Keenan and Bullock (ed.), Zones of Contact: A Critical Reader, edn. Original, Artspace, Sydney, pp. 55 - 60

Munster AM, 2004, 'Digitality: Approximate Aesthetics', in Kroker A; Kroker M (ed.), Life In The Wires: The CTheory Reader, edn. 1, NWP / CTheory Books, Victoria, Canada, pp. 415 - 429

Munster AM, 2002, 'Returns of The Deminishing Body', in Angerer ML; Peters K; Soufoulis Z (ed.), Future Bodies: Visualising the Body in Science and Fiction, edn. Original, Springer Verlag, Vienna, New York, pp. 143 - 161

Munster AM, 2001, '‘Net Affects: Responding to Shock on Internet Time’', in Brown H; Merrik H; Rossiter N; Teh D; Wilson M (ed.), Politics of a Digital Present: An Inventory of Australian Net Culture, Criticism and Theory, Melbourne, pp. 9 - 17

Munster AM, 2001, 'New Media as Old Media: Strategies of Location and Dislocation', in Shaw J; Favero DD (ed.), (dis)LOCATIONS, edn. Digital Arts Edition 1, ZKM Publications, Karlsruhe, Germany, pp. 22 - 31

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