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Creative Written Works

Munster A; Goodman A, 2023, ChatGPT Did Not Take Place, Art +Australia, Baker S, (ed.), University of Melbourne,

Munster A, 2021, Saana Suites, Hearing the Impossible, Herbert M, (ed.), Accidental Editions,

Munster AM, 2009, ‘Data undermining: the work of networked art in an age of imperceptibility’, Networked: A networked book about networked art, Green JA; Hankwitz M; Mancuso M; Navas E; Thorington H, (eds.),,

Munster AM, 2007, ‘Emsamblar pensiamento colectivo: Assemblage for Collective Thought’, Aminima Magazine

Munster AM, 2007, Emsamblar pensiamento colectivo: Assemblage for Collective Thought, A Minima, Espacio y Publicaciones

Munster AM, 2005, Outage, Seepage, Blockage: art and cultural praxis in the network, Disobedience, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, COFA

Munster AM, 2001, Symmetry and its Dissimilarities, Intersections of Art and Science, Ivan Dougherty Gallery

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