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Murphie A; Massumi B; Munster A; Bertelsen L; Manning E; Bordeleau E; Rousell C; Brunner C; Farrell C; Topp M; Jeffries E; Fritsch E; Fritsch J; Kellokumpu S; Plumb L; Scliar B; Gabriels J; Kolozsvari C; Morales M; Sempert M; Patterson T; Roumagnac V; Mason J; Trento F; Fogliano A; Kuipers H; Goodman A; Lee M, 2016, The Go-To How-To Guide to Anarchiving, Murphie AK, (ed.), The Senselab, Montréal,

Munster AM, 2013, An Aesthesia of Networks. Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology, Technologies of Lived Abstraction, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachussets,

Munster AM, 2011, Nerves of Perception, Munster AM, (ed.), Open Humanities Press,

Munster AM, 2006, Materializing New Media: Embodiment in Information Aesthetics, University Press of New England, Hanover and London

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