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Munster AM, 2015, 'From technology to techniques; from mediation to ‘immediation’. Or, what working with others and across media can teach us about bodies, experience and technics.', Keynote address, Unruly Techniques Symposium, Deakin University, ,

Munster AM, 2014, Signaletic Immediations:sensing new media as relational events and ecologies (guest talk for 'Immediations' at Aarhus University, Denmark), ,

Munster AM; Mackenzie AB, 2014, Data Visualisation and radical empiricism: a workshop at the IT University Copenhagen, Denmark, ,

Munster AM; Barker MF, 2012, Application ID: 168851'To create an immersive installation exploring early cinema optics and illusion' Australia Council for the Arts. New Work Michele Barker & Anna Visual Arts $20,000,

Munster AM, 2012, Invited \participant for the 2011 seminar on Renaissances: A Multiplicity of Rebirths, ,

Munster AM (ed.), 2011, Nerves of Perception: Motor and Sensory Experience in Neuroscience, Open Humanities Press, Online, ,

Barker MF; Munster AM, 2010, Australia Council for the Arts Application ID: Category: New Work Established for the following purpose: Title: Create a multi screen interactive artwork that explores magic, perception and neurology Amount funded: $20,000,

Munster AM, 2008, Invited Lecture 'An Aesthesia of Networks', for Articulating Hybridity, Frank Gertz Memorial Lecture series, Alfred University, Alfred New York,

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