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Munster AM, 2015, 'From technology to techniques; from mediation to ‘immediation’. Or, what working with others and across media can teach us about bodies, experience and technics.', Keynote address, Unruly Techniques Symposium, Deakin University,

Munster AM, 2014, Signaletic Immediations:sensing new media as relational events and ecologies (guest talk for 'Immediations' at Aarhus University, Denmark),

Munster AM; Mackenzie AB, 2014, Data Visualisation and radical empiricism: a workshop at the IT University Copenhagen, Denmark,

Munster AM; Barker MF, 2012, Application ID: 168851'To create an immersive installation exploring early cinema optics and illusion' Australia Council for the Arts. New Work Michele Barker & Anna Visual Arts $20,000

Munster AM, 2012, Invited \participant for the 2011 seminar on Renaissances: A Multiplicity of Rebirths,

Munster AM (ed.), 2011, Nerves of Perception: Motor and Sensory Experience in Neuroscience, Open Humanities Press, Online,

Barker MF; Munster AM, 2010, Australia Council for the Arts Application ID: Category: New Work Established for the following purpose: Title: Create a multi screen interactive artwork that explores magic, perception and neurology Amount funded: $20,000

Munster AM, 2008, Invited Lecture 'An Aesthesia of Networks', for Articulating Hybridity, Frank Gertz Memorial Lecture series, Alfred University, Alfred New York

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