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UNSW Researchers transforming the World
Scientia Professor Jacob Goeree is using market design to create new markets which can be applied to areas as diverse as the local fisheries industry and worldwide pollution.
What is our universe? Where did it come from? Associate Professor Sarah Brough studies rare mega-galaxies - thousands of times the size of the Milky Way - which she likens to interviewing elders about our past community.
Early in his architectural career Professor David Sanderson had an epiphany while working at a low income housing project that changed his career direction to one of an aid worker.
John McGhee uses the skills he developed as a 3D animator in the film industry to create virtual inner landscapes of the human body.
As a migrant herself, Associate Professor Bingqin Li is no stranger to the difficulties of living and working away from home. But it was the disappearance of her mother’s housekeeper in Beijing that gave her the impetus for her research in social policy.
Bridianne O'Dea is at the forefront of research into how technology can harness the power of social media to detect mental illness and deliver appropriate health care.
Jacob Goeree - creating new markets for global impact
Reaching for the stars - Sarah Brough
Architect of change - David Sanderson
Animating the body's inner landscape - John McGhee
Influencing social policy in China - Bingqin Li
Leading technology for good mental health - Bridianne O'Dea