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Dr Matthias Kramer

Faculty: UNSW Canberra
Fields of Research (FoR): Water Resources Engineering, Turbulent Flows, Fluid Physics, Civil Engineering, Surfacewater Hydrology
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I am a lecturer at the School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT), UNSW Canberra.
Dr Tim Raupach

Faculty: Science
Fields of Research (FoR): Climate change processes, Cloud physics, Atmospheric sciences

My research interests are in the effects of climate change on hailstorms, convective processes, and precipitation microstructure.
Mr Yunshen Yang

Faculty: Business

Yunshen Yang is a Scientia PhD candidate and a teaching fellow in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies, he is also the student representative for 2021.
Dr Sirojan Tharmakulasingam

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, Data engineering and data science, Pattern recognition, High performance computing

Dr Sirojan Tharmakulasingam is a Research Associate | Research and Development Coordinator with the Signals, Information & Machine Intelligence lab, UNSW Sydney.
Mrs Wafa Johal

Faculty: Engineering
Fields of Research (FoR): Computer-Human Interaction, Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics

Dr Wafa Johal is Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Previously, Wafa was a researcher at the CHILI Lab and Mobots Group at EPFL.
Scientia Professor Andrew Dzurak

Faculty: Engineering

Andrew Dzurak is an expert in silicon-based quantum computing and nanoelectronics.
Mr Francesco Ricci

Faculty: Science

My interests span across the fields of molecular biology, ecophysiology and statistics that I apply to study the coral holobiont. 
Ms Sarka Stepankova

Faculty: Business
Fields of Research (FoR): Accounting, auditing and accountability

Sarka is a PhD c
Miss Ellora Shirodkar

Faculty: Business

I am currently pursuing an Honours in Actuarial Studies, with my thesis focused on sustainable aged care financing in Australia.
Dr Phillip James Read

Faculty: Medicine & Health

Research Interests:
Dr Armin Chitizadeh

Faculty: Engineering

Dr Armin Chitizadeh is sessional academic at the School of Computer Science and Engineering.He received his bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of New South Wales with an Honours C